Undefeatd Teens and Ladies (13 + years)

No more looking at the clock with this moderate to high intensity interval training program. These classes will make you stronger and faster with our certified Penalty Box Training. Self defence techniques are included in each class along with stretching to improve flexibility. It is an all body workout routine that is about being ‘Fit and Fab’

Sessions are open to all teens/ladies who have an interest in self defence or fitness. No previous training in martial arts is necessary and the sessions cater for your individual needs and skill level.


Penalty Box Feedback

  • ‘We love the versatility! We love the way it helps to improve our footwork quickly and effectively and that we can use it for so many different exercises.'

  • ‘It’s an all round great exercise program for anybody into fitness.’

  • 'I like that we can improve our agility, coordination, speed, strength and flexibility with it’ ’